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Diamond Lantern
Looking for a simple, inexpensive way to glam up your outdoor space for the party season? Add a few hanging paper lanterns. These flickering beauties are made with paper, skewers and tape. Easy!

Folding Workbench
Easy to build workbench with step by step instructions, its all you need in a workbench! Make a workbench that\'s perfect for a small workshop. This workbench is attached to the wall and folds in when not in use, so it doesn\'t sacrifice any space.

Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor kitchens are a great DIY project. Build one and you may never want to go back to cooking inside. Come summer, America\'s backyards start to sizzle. Tantalizing barbecue smoke wafts through the air, accompanied by the sound of ice tinkling...

DIY Root Cellar
DIY woodworking plan to build a root celar from scratch.

DIY One Car Garage
16 feet X 22 feet garage. Building a garage is not unlike building a shed. By hiring contractors to do the excavation and foundation work, a handy do-it-yourselfer can carry out such a large project that will undoubtedly add value to your...

Simple DIY Parsons Table
Made with plywood and painted, plus simple construction makes it easy to build one of any size. This table, designed in the 20s, is generally attributed to Jean-Michel Frank, a French designer and decorator associated with Parsons School of Design...

Wooden Swim Raft
There is nothing finer than a swim raft to provide a manageable destination for the kids, a place for adults to soak up the sun, or to serve as a safe diving platform if your dockside water-depth does not permit head first entries. So when Cottage...

Canoe or Kayak Storage Rack
A couple of rickety old sawhorses. That is what passes for a winter storage system for my canoe. And during canoe season, I just park it upside down on the beach. I did not invest a lot in that canoe—in fact, I do not even like it...

Fancy Outdoor Shower
Looking for some good, clean fun? Build our outdoor shower, designed by Wayne Lennox. A solid plan, a couple of weekends, and basic construction techniques are all you need to get wet in the wild. It is cheaper than a second bathroom, yet it...

Paddle Lifejacket Hanger
Give old paddles and oars that are too cracked and worn for boating a second life on the waterfront as an all-purpose life jacket rack. It is a perfect hang-up for all those cottage PFDs and other odds and ends scattered around the dock, waiting...

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