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Katana Bench
A desire to push limits brought me to making this piece. And I knew if those limits were to be pushed, I wanted to do it in a manner respectful to simplicity of form and versatility of function. I wanted to take the concept of a Windsor armchair...

Evolving Bench
The goal of this project was to investigate the possibilities for furniture to adapt according to how it is used. It was important to create something that was elegant and finely detailed as a reflection of my personal design philosophy. In the...

Dead Ben Drums
Drums are primitive. Drums are complex. My journey through building snare drums has been a study in bringing the manufacture of the most ancient instrument up to speed with the advanced manufacturing technologies of today. There are many caveats...

Love Rocker
Building the Love Rocker required all of the woodworking skill and ability that I had gained throughout high school. Building this chair was very difficult in many aspects. Whether it was broken seat joints or design flaws, this chair presented...

Simple Cabinet
You can have a '67 Mustang in the driveway, a Gibson Les Paul guitar in your hand, and a date with destiny down at the roadhouse open mic—but if you can't find your car keys, you're staying home tonight. The cure for such episodes is this...

DIY Tool Rack
Typical workshop pegboards are too small for a big tool collection. The solution? Take a cue from the office rolodex and build a Tool-O-Dex, a pegboard flip book that packs 64 square feet of storage into 8 feet of wall space.

Sapele Coffee Table
Classically trained in woodworking at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Nico Yektai enjoys applying those tried and tested techniques to craft his asymmetrical pieces. He custom-built this sapele coffee table for a client, taking the size and...

Easy-to-Make DIY Boxes
Popular Mechanics is a service magazine covering a variety of information on home improvement, automotive needs, electronics, computers, telecommunications, outdoors, fitness and science and technology. Popular Mechanics also features product...

Bench Seat with Storage
This garden or courtyard bench seat is really a mini shed. This garden or courtyard bench seat is really a mini shed. It\'s large enough to take all your garden hand tools from brooms, spades and rakes to gloves, pots and secateurs. Yet when the...

Custom DIY Hanging Rack
There's just something about the way it makes tools stand crisply at attention, ready for their next assignment. And we're not alone: There are acres of it covering garage and basement walls around the country. Still, pegboard's shortcomings are...

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