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Simple Tabletop Weathervane
With this easy project, you will track every breeze on the deck. In high school, my brother made a small ceramic pot in art class, one that he would invert on the tip of a ballpoint pen and give a spin. The combination of the dimple in the pots...

Shadowbox wall vase
Turn a shadow-box frame into a vessel for your favorite things from the garden or flower shop. Flowers or cuttings ― such as these leucadendron blooms ― extend through the opening of a picture mat to create an organic work of...

Tabletop fountain
Slate and cedar are paired to create this tabletop fountain. Judging from the vast array of tacky water fountains I've seen, it would seem that adding a $20 pump to a plastic rock and throwing rumours of therapeutic value into the mix somehow...

Large Worktable
This is a huge worktable that you can make in a few hours. We made the frame (shown on the right) out of 2 x 3 inch (35 x 65mm) spruce. It is a very straightforward layout that was fastened solely with self-tapping wood screws. If some increased...

Tabletop Trebuchet
After discovering that the double sized-machine I had built for the Carnegie Science Center was, in fact, too big, I went back and divided all my measurements in half. This gave me a machine nearly identical in dimensions to the "e;Cheesechucker"...

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