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Add texture and depth to your home with these Free Wainscoting Plans. A lot of new “do-it-yourselfers” are slightly intimidated to by wainscoting. Although it does require precision and organization, this plan makes makes it a little...

Home Library
These bookcases are made without backs, anchoring them to the walls with cleats on the back of the shelves. Books, books and more books — we’ve had that problem for years. Books stored in boxes in the closet, books in the attic and...

Nightstand with storage
Maximize the space in your bedroom with this nightstand and matching bed. Building this companion nightstand is a lot like working on the bed. Cut the drawer openings in the maple-veneered front panels using the same plunge-cut technique detailed...

Bed with storage plans
Maximize the space in your bedroom with this bed and matching nightstand. When my daughter and her partner moved into their first home, they were faced with a challenge that comes with many compact, older houses: bedrooms that are short on space....

Wooden Garden Raised Beds
Complete instructions and materials needed to build a raised garden bed. Growing in raised beds has many advantages: It can be easier on aging backs and knees, and the soil conditions inside a raised bed can easily be kept optimal. By relegating...

Shutter Bed Headboard
Add some fresh colour to a bland cottage bedroom. A colourful headboard adds life to a tired cottage bedroom with very little strain on you or your pocketbook. We used indoor shutters for our double bed, but this design can be easily adapted for...

Kids Bunk Beds
Download these step by step plans for building your childs own bunk bed. A fun and fabulous, multipurpose, bedroom setting that any kid will love.

Bunk or Loft Beds
A bunk bed that is strong, inexpensive and easy to build and will last and last. For students in a dorm looking for more space, a bunkbed that is strong, inexpensive and easy to build, may be the answer. If you are looking to loft your bed and put...

Inovative Bunk Bed
This bed can be taken down quickly by use of a simple bolted connection at rails and uprights. This design has been made both functional and attractive by use of pattern cut-outs in head and foot uprights, which serve as ladders. Since most...

Simple Child Bunk Beds
If you are looking for a rugged, simple, and yet, practical Bunk Bed Plan, here is one that will help you achieve a very pleasant look with just a little effort.

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