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Ammo Box
Woodworking plans for building an antique style British Army small ammunition box with sliding lid.

A Frame Cabin
Cabin measures 22 x 24 ft, with loft, double 2 x 6 rafters and raised wood floor.

Adirondack Chair with Table
Here is a plan for building a strong and sturdy Adirondack chair with its own side table. This set will certainly add to your lawns curb appeal and give family and friends a excellent place to relax.

Pole Frame Cabin
A one bedroom cabin, measuring 24 x 24 ft, gable roof, pole frame, batten siding and raised wood floor.

Raised Garden Bed
Raised bed gardens are easy to maintain, look great and can be very efficient.

Antique Style Bathroom Vanity
This free woodworking plans is for a bathroom vanity made from recycled wood that would be normally discarded. The plan has an excellent drawing that can be printed out.

Bed With Storage
When my daughter and her partner moved into their first home, they were faced with a challenge that comes with many compact, older houses: bedrooms that are short on space. Put a queen-size bed in there and the room gets tight. My solution is a...

Nightstand with storage
Building this companion nightstand is a lot like working on the bed. Cut the drawer openings in the maple-veneered front panels using the same plunge-cut technique detailed in “Retain the Grain: Drawing and Cutting Drawers” on page 38....

Aquarium Stand
Free Aquarium Stand Plans

As gardeners, both my wife and I know how much fun it is to collect seeds. We also know how disorganized and dishevelled an old shoebox full of seed packets can get. This seed chest solves the organization problem, but by no means should you copy...

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