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Building a bed is a great project for beginning woodworkers. There aren’t a lot of parts, the joinery is simple and the results can be impressive. We spend one-third of our lives sleeping in bed, but this piece of furniture also is a place...

Langstroth Nucleus Beehive
This hive can be used in many ways. Free detailed plans. A nuc (nucleus) hive has all the features of a standard 10-frame hive except on a reduced scale. The nuc hive is used for making splits, swarm control, queen introduction, pollen/nectar...

Display Tower
Plans to build a 5-tier display tower to hold books, cds, dvds and more. This unit looks like a ladder leaning against the wall. Making the cutout handles on the front of each drawer in the 5-tier display tower is a snap using the pattern on this...

Cherry Dresser
Six drawers joined with strong half-blind dovetails help make up this Cherry wood dresser. A couple of years ago, we built an heirloom bed and a matching bedside table for a bedroom suite of furniture. These pieces ended up being so popular that...

Octagon Gazebo
Bella Vista Gazebos.Here are free plans to build an 8' octagon gazebo from scratch. Because gazebos are exterior structures, you should use a wood that is best for exterior use. A soft, decay resistant wood such as redwood is the best choice....

Design plans for a simple 16 X 20 cabin with bunk beds.

Brick BBQ
Plans to build a brick backyard barbecue pit.

Chesterfield Home
Building plans for a 1,164 sq. ft. living area, two-story, and three-bedroom house.

Four Bedroom House
4 bedrooms, 1 or 1.5 stories, porch, post beam or concrete block.

Frame Cabin With Deck
Design plans for a 24 x 24 ft one-bedroom A frame cabin with a 12 x 16 ft deck.

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