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Country Style Medicine Cabinet
Build your own rustic style medicine cabinet with optional towel holder or shelf. It is a fairly easy project with very rewarding results. There are several different ways to build a cabinet. The following project was designed to be completed...

Childrens play structure
Building a childrens play structure in your yard is sure to bring your kids endless hours of fun. Get your own free plan for kids activity centre (Model BT-2008) as well as the the list of materials required for the project. For viewing and...

Utility table
The best way to have a table of the right size for your needs and available space is… to build it yourself. It can be made of wood, melamine or MDF, in a variety of costs, appearances and purposes. The legs chosen will also have a major...

Treated Wood Fence
Putting up a fence around your garden may be a matter of necessity or a matter of landscape improvement. Whatever your reason, you will want to do the job in style. And you will want to make sure your new fence fits well into your outdoor...

RonGarden bridge
A small bridge is a very attractive way to highlight a brook or a water feature. It is easy to build and will blend in with your garden simply and discreetly. Get your own free plan for this garden bridge as well as the list of materials required...

Compost Box
Having a compost box in your own backyard is an excellent idea, especially for keen gardeners. Compost is an excellent fertilizer, as well as an environmentally friendly way to get rid of perishable waste. Of course, this box could also be used as...

Outdoor shower
For an unequalled touch of luxury, install an outdoor shower. A small pleasure, to be enjoyed on warm days by everyone, including guests. The privacy of this outdoors shower is made possible with a 78 in. high partition made up of two panels (46...

Outdoor Table For Kids
An outdoor table made to measure for our kids, what a great idea! Whether it is for birthday parties or family diners, your children will be happy to eat or to play around a place specifically designed for them. This table can also be used inside....

Activity Table
This attractive table combines sturdiness and safety, because it has no protruding corners and has good legroom, to help prevent knocking against it. In addition, its height enables young and old alike to do arts & crafts, read or play.

Hazel the Witch
In a few short weeks, you may notice little ghosts and goblins seeking candies and sweets on your street and in your home! What?!? You still haven’t come up with a good idea to decorate the house? Quick, time’s running out! We’re...

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