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Doll Bed
Build a simple doll bed to please the heart of a child.This doll bed is a quick and easy project that will delight the heart of any doll-toting youngster. All you'll need is a table saw, clamps, a dowel jig and a drill.

Four-Poster Bed
If you've recently gone shopping for a top-quality four-poster bed, you've already discovered how expensive one of these “beauties” can be - especially if they're made of hard maple or cherry, like our example. Here's your chance to...

Bombelicious chest
The main inspiration for my project is the use of curves and the way one's eye is drawn toward them. I initially developed a sketch of a chest of drawers that consisted of variably curved sides. After trial and error the profile evolved into a...

Miss Peaches Cabinet
Clothed in the beautiful orange-brown hues of Kwila, this cabinet was created to house a few special pieces of servingware and silver. As I continued to work with the Kwila, my focus shifted to showcasing the wonderful color and prismatic...

Storage Bench
I was inspired by some benches I had seen but wanted to create something that would catch the eye. I was looking for a modern design, and my instructor helped me formulate my thoughts into a solid design. I then started looking at wood types and I...

Katana Bench
A desire to push limits brought me to making this piece. And I knew if those limits were to be pushed, I wanted to do it in a manner respectful to simplicity of form and versatility of function. I wanted to take the concept of a Windsor armchair...

Period Rope Bed
Some time ago, several of our SCA friends told us about a period picture one of them had found, a 13th c. Byzantine ivory showing a rope bed (Figure 1). I made a version of that bed sized for a small child (Figure 2). It turned out to be...

Evolving Bench
The goal of this project was to investigate the possibilities for furniture to adapt according to how it is used. It was important to create something that was elegant and finely detailed as a reflection of my personal design philosophy. In the...

Dead Ben Drums
Drums are primitive. Drums are complex. My journey through building snare drums has been a study in bringing the manufacture of the most ancient instrument up to speed with the advanced manufacturing technologies of today. There are many caveats...

Love Rocker
Building the Love Rocker required all of the woodworking skill and ability that I had gained throughout high school. Building this chair was very difficult in many aspects. Whether it was broken seat joints or design flaws, this chair presented...

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