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Bed End Bench
A bed end bench is the perfect accent for the foot of the bed, entry, or hallway. Its large, thickly padded seat offers supreme comfort. In addition, its curved legs lend delicate, yet sturdy support. This versatile piece of furniture has many...

Bed end bench
This type of bench seat is generally put at the end of a bed, against a wall in a wide hall or in a house entrance area. This plan is purpose-made for the latter; simply somewhere to sit while putting on and taking off shoes, and I guess that it's...

Bed Head Board
Enhance your horizontal hours with a handmade headboard! Building a headboard is really easy, costs a fraction of what a store-bought headboard costs, and you can have it in any colour because you are the master designer here. And the head...

Doll Bed
Build a simple doll bed to please the heart of a child.This doll bed is a quick and easy project that will delight the heart of any doll-toting youngster. All you'll need is a table saw, clamps, a dowel jig and a drill.

Four-Poster Bed
If you've recently gone shopping for a top-quality four-poster bed, you've already discovered how expensive one of these “beauties” can be - especially if they're made of hard maple or cherry, like our example. Here's your chance to...

Period Rope Bed
Some time ago, several of our SCA friends told us about a period picture one of them had found, a 13th c. Byzantine ivory showing a rope bed (Figure 1). I made a version of that bed sized for a small child (Figure 2). It turned out to be...

Easy-to-Make DIY Boxes
Popular Mechanics is a service magazine covering a variety of information on home improvement, automotive needs, electronics, computers, telecommunications, outdoors, fitness and science and technology. Popular Mechanics also features product...

Display Cabinet For Firearms
A well-crafted cherry cabinet for long arms and pistols. Many firearms are laid flat and slid under a bed, or they are stood in a closet or buried in a drawer. Others are simply laid across bland-looking racks. It doesn't have to be that way....

Bunk bed
Fine furniture from construction-grade lumber. Time was in short supply for me earlier this year, as an impending new baby meant our two boys had to move into the same bedroom. That's why I tried to buy a bunk bed, although without any success. I...

Portable kids puppet theatre
This puppet theatre for your kids is easy to make and take down, all in the name of fun. This easy-to-build puppet theatre should provide hours of imaginative play for the young kids in your life, and it tucks out of the way between dramatic...

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