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Turtle Trap Box
Free Turtle Trap Box Plan

Workshop Toolbox
This workshop toolbox is a real beauty. When working on a small project your tolerances are tighter and you can really show your woodworking skill (or lack of). This workshop tool box could be used for many other purposes, but whatever it is...

Covered Wagon
Beginning with the wagon box, you will find a five step project to build a covered wagon. Covered wagons are an enduring symbol of America\'s westward expansion in the 19th century. The most common kind was the Conestoga wagon. Usually pulled by...

Slik Wooden Jewelry box
I have a couple of rules in my shop. If a gift is not complete two weeks before the occasion, stop woodworking and go shopping. That is No. 1. The second is the two-foot rule: If a piece of wood is less than 24 inch long, toss it out. I must admit...

Stair storage box
I have to admit that when I was asked to design and build this project it struck me as odd. Why would anyone want a junk box at the bottom of the stairs? Just as I was wondering about the judgment of project director Paul Lewis, I noticed my wife,...

Vintage gift box
Forget gift bags-this handmade gift box with an inlay pattern is built to impress, and costs less than $50 to make. The wine lovers on your shopping list will be delighted when they re-ceive a bottle of a quality vintage packaged in one of these...

Simple Homemade Mailbox
You will find that while theres quite a bit of a planning to do, its not so difficult after all. Improving your postal receptacle and no cost, including box selection, building a support system, installation, diagrams.Perhaps you have never...

Easy to Build Sandbox
The plans for this sandbox are very simple, the box itself can be built in a morning. For backyard play equipment a sandbox is good place to start! Children can have hours of fun in a sandbox using their imaginations, building castles, towns or...

Wooden Compost Box
Having a compost box in your own backyard is an excellent idea, especially for keen gardeners. Compost is an excellent fertilizer, as well as an environmentally friendly way to get rid of perishable waste. Of course, this box could also be used as...

Nice Looking Shadowbox
Showcase your cottage treasures with this easy project. By taking any object, no matter how seemingly ordinary, and putting it in a shadow box, you elevate it to art and encourage everyone to take a second, closer look. And even if you are not...

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