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Mah Jong Box
My parents-in-law have owned this Mah Jong set for several generations, but have never had a safe place to keep it. Instead, the pieces have been stored in a cardboard box that is in a rather decrepit state. Upon examination recently, it was...

Money Box
I have made this money box in various woods, but for economy I usually glue two pieces of radiata pine building scantling, 90 X 45 X 230 mm long together to make a 90mm square block 230mm long. When finished I either paint the box pillar box red...

Multimedia Storage Tower Box
Just what you need to keep your favourite CD\'s close at hand. If you\'re like me, you\'ve got a pile of CD\'s by your computer, and every time you want to use a different one, you shuffle through the pile dropping some of the jewel cases,,,,...

Mushroom Keepsake Box
Limbs make wonderful material for smaller turning projects like boxes. The grain patterns revealed as you turn into the limb can be quite stunning and always unpredictable. For the two mushroom boxes pictured here, I used a Caragana limb. This...

Poker Chip Box
Rockler\'s Pre-formed Box Molding makes this project a snap. Plus you can easily modify the plan to be a jewelry or music box.

Puzzle Box
This box is based on an old Japanese style of concealing the mechanism that allows the box to open. Rather than just having a simple sliding top, this box also has a concealed locking mechanism that must be dealt with in order to open the box. To...

Raccoon Nest Box
Raccoon and Common Merganser Nest Box

Router Bit Box
Router bits, as we all know, should be kept out of harms way for the sake of your projects and your sanity. Store bought bit cases are usually more expensive than they\'re worth, or cheaper and inadequate.

Solar Beeswax Extractor Box
Free Solar Beeswax Extractor Box Plan

Steam Box
Construct a wooden box about 7 feet long by 1 foot wide by 1 foot high. Along the inside bottom of the box, place a copper pipe that has been riddled with perforations. The pipe should exit the box via a T junction near the centre. Where this T...

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