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Bean Bag Toss Box Game
Here are easy directions for sewing bean bags and for making a box into a target. Start by making your bean bags. You will need two pieces of cloth (5 inches square) scrapes for each bean bag. I would suggest three. Fold cloth so as to cut six...

Katana Bench
A desire to push limits brought me to making this piece. And I knew if those limits were to be pushed, I wanted to do it in a manner respectful to simplicity of form and versatility of function. I wanted to take the concept of a Windsor armchair...

Assembling a beehive, parts of a beehive. This design has larger spaces for bees to build extra comb. oney bees have been kept by man in a wide variety of hives. In the early days of the United States the most common hive was a section cut from a...

Electric Scoreboard for Indoor Games
A very good electric scoreboard, for use in scoring basketball and other games played indoors, is shown in the illustration. It is constructed entirely of wood but should be lined with backing board or sheathing. The dimensions are a matter of...

Miniature Metal-Bound Chests
Boys in shop class became very enthusiastic over the making of small chestlike boxes, bound with ornamental metal, and adapted them to a great variety of uses. The boxes were designed to suit the taste of the maker and for use as glove,...

Custom DIY Hanging Rack
There's just something about the way it makes tools stand crisply at attention, ready for their next assignment. And we're not alone: There are acres of it covering garage and basement walls around the country. Still, pegboard's shortcomings are...

Nest box
Free Bird Nesting box plan - American Kestrel, Northern Screech-owl

Nesting box
Free Bird Nesting box plan - American Robin and Barn Swallow, Robins

Birds Nesting Box
As winter descends upon us, it is time to skip ahead and begin considering the spring (it's certainly one way of ignoring the darker evenings!) In particular, now is the time to start building a bird nesting box so that when the spring does...

Birdhouse or Nest Box
Dimensions and tips for constructing a birdhouse or nest box. Some species of birds are known as cavity dwellers, which means they only build their nests inside a cavity, usually a hollow inside the trunk of a tree. Manmade birdhouses (also called...

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