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This project began in the summer of 2002 with the desire to get rid of some ugly speaker stand/storage boxes I made a few years ago (which you can see in some of the pics of the monitor stand project). In addition to serving as speaker stand, the...

Window Boxes
Many houses' styles are brightened and improved with colorful flowers in window boxes. These boxes are simple to build and in a weekend you can dress up your home and add the color and beauty the flowers can bring. There are a variety of...

Align Miters with Clamp Blocks
A band clamp does a great job of applying even pressure when gluing up boxes and other square projects. But if the project has mitered corners like a picture frame (Photo), then a band clamp has problems.

Pair of Grooving Planes
You don't need power tools when you need to create a lot of grooves of the same width and distance from the edge, such as when making boxes or drawers. All you need is to make a pair of Matt Kenney's grooving planes. Equipped with a built-in...

Headstone with Light Up Letters
Step-By-Step Plans On How To Build a Headstone with Light Up Letters for your Haunted House or Yard on Halloween. Headstone Light Boxes add a cool and eerie effect to your haunted house or yard. Once you understand the process to build one, simply...

Work Horse
Free Work Horse Plan

Coffee Can Curling
You can not confuse Wildgoose Lakes annual Boxing Day Folgers Curling Classic with the Brier. It lacks rinkside TV cameras, big-money sponsors, and 18-kg hunks of Ailsa Craig granite roaring down the sheets. But there is no shortage of curling fun...

Treasure Chest
There are sides for the bottom section of the chest. With holes pre drilled. Domed side pieces for the top section and large bottom piece with the holes pre drilled.

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