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Barn Owl Nest Box
Simple construction and easy to clean. The Barn Owl is a relatively small owl species (35-45 cm, 450-550 gm) with a heart-shaped facial disc, no ear tufts, dark eyes, a white breast and golden-buff feathers on its back. It hunts at dusk and...

Medicine cabinet makeover
From metal box to Mission style, this makeover transforms the bathroom. We look into them all the time, fumble around inside as we struggle to start our day, but do we give much thought to the lowly medicine cabinet? Probably not. You likely have...

Baseball Headboard
Make a baseball headboard for your favorite little player. Theyll love coming home - no pun intended.Whenever I hear the words "play ball," I get goosebumps. Not only does it remind me of baseball season, but it brings back memories of my brothers...

Basic Planter Box
The basic box is an attractive container for a potted plant & extremely easy to build.

Dresser valet
Give the gift of organization. This timeless vanity valet is designed to contain the clutter and collections of a man's day-to-day life. It's nice to give a gift that has a little history to it. The Douglas fir in this vanity valet was given to me...

Floor cabinet
A plywood box forms the heart of this project, while face features add style and grace. If there are kids in your life, you've probably eaten more than your fair share of fundraising chocolates, citrus fruit and cookie dough. But worse than the...

Bat House
This bat box house plan has been successful in attracting nursery colonies of little brown and big brown bats. Since bat roosting requirements are strict, adherence to the construction details is important.

Rolling shop cabinet
Built to house a scrollsaw, this mobile cabinet was designed with comfort and storage in mind. I suspect that all woodworkers love getting new tools. Opening the box, putting the parts together, trying out the tool-maybe even reading the owner's...

Under Sink Vanity Unit
Bathroom under-sink units are, traditionally, rather dull, typically being very box-like in design. However, in small bathrooms, where space is of a premium, a box-like shape takes up too much space. This curved under-sink unit was designed to fit...

Curious bookshelf
Styled after European row houses, this bookcase is a playful way to organize your kids' room. A child's imagination can turn ordinary objects into exciting and creative things. They look at a big cardboard box and see a fortress; they turn a plain...

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