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Wooden Box
This plan is for building an attractive wooden box that makes a great gift for him or her. The next time you're faced with making several gifts for friends and/or relatives for the Holidays ...or any time of the year for that matter...consider the...

Ammo Box
Woodworking plans for building an antique style British Army small ammunition box with sliding lid.

As gardeners, both my wife and I know how much fun it is to collect seeds. We also know how disorganized and dishevelled an old shoebox full of seed packets can get. This seed chest solves the organization problem, but by no means should you copy...

Barn Owl Nest Box
Learn how to build a barn owl nest box.

Seat in a box
This quick woodworking project can serve as seats or side tables. This simple, triple-decker project began with a need for spare seating on my deck. I wanted something that could stack out of the way between uses, and which was sized to suit both...

Rolling plant stand
This mobile platform allows to you move heavy plants with ease. Rearranging heavy and cumbersome potted plants is a chore I can do without; it's a back injury waiting to happen. For my indoor plants I bought an inexpensive rolling stand from a...

Jewelry box
Create a modern yet elegant jewelry box. If you need a last-minute gift idea and you have some beautiful small boards on hand, you have all you need to create this box. Its simple design won't take long to build, but it's attractive thanks to the...

Newspaper recycling box
If you're a great newspaper fan and have one delivered every day, along with lots of junk mail fliers, a tide of newsprint is probably rising around your reading chair and coffee table. This project is the solution. It gives you a place to neatly...

Bandsawn Boxes
Use your bandsaw to make fun and attractive small boxes. There are a variety of ways to make boxes on the band saw, but they all entail the same basic idea. You hollow out the cavity of the box by cutting out a large central section, then glue...

Box frames
Turn knickknacks into objets d'art with this set of box frames.. The inspiration for these box frames came from a similar set at a restaurant the crew from Canadian Home Workshop frequents for lunch. These frames are well suited to a dining room...

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