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Daysailer Wing Dinghy
The Wing Dinghy. This lightweight 12-footer is simple to build and all the materials including the rig and sail can be found in one trip to a well-stocked home-center outlet for around $600. Despite the straightforward building steps the boat has...

Sail Boat Mini-Cup
he 12' Mini-Cup was designed to be cheap and easy to build, be cartoppable, and still be fast and fun. The hull is a snap to build, and incorporates a lot of timesaving features. Sailing is quick and dependable with a kick-up rudder for easy...

Sail Boat Ply-Flier
The Blackfly is a 14 foot camping dinghy for sail and oars. It has a 4 foot beam and weighs in at about 80 lbs stripped.

Detailed plans for building a very nice canoe from bateau.com. Browse through the rest of the site to see all of the other superb boat plans. The plans offered here are top-notch.

Dory South Haven
The South Haven Dory is a one-person rowing boat that is based on lines of the St. Pierre dory a traditional dory hull shape. The construction method is plywood/epoxy/composite (stitch and glue) with no building mold.

Sail Boat Skipjack
The Snorky is a very easily built 14 catboat a fast light and sturdy sailboat. Few tools are required to build this simple yet handsome boat.

Cabin Cruiser - 22
Sunapee is a sturdy well-built day cruiser that can be used for comfortable extended cruising. Sunapee is a sturdy, well-built boat which in three years of active service has more than justified its designer's ideas for a day cruiser which could...

With building instructions etc. The D4 files have been downloaded more than 100,000 times and D4 are afloat all over the world. This is an old file but a good little boat and the price is right. The new version is the D5 listed at this site.

Children Boat Bed
Going to bed can be a game for junior if you build this boat-shaped bed. There are lockers with hinged tops at each end for storage of toys and other belongings. In the section under the mattress, there is additional storage space for blankets,...

Boat Bookcase
This unique boat bookcase is sure to be a talking point in the home of any woodworker. The steps for making this free woodworking project plan from Emporium Indonesia are as follows. Free wood boat bookcase plan.

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