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Kids Picnic Table
This child-sized A-frame table is sturdy and durable, and most kids will find the table height ideal. And kids likely will enjoy sitting at their own, real picnic table. If you host many patio dinner parties, you may dream of having a separate...

Kids Seesaw
This project will take you through the complete seesaw building process from start to finish, with plans and step-by-step pictures and instructions. This is a very sturdy yet portable seesaw. The kids will have loads of fun.

Little Backyard Backhoe
Little boys and girls love to dig in a sandbox and with their own backhoe they can really have fun. Give your child hours of fun by building a backhoe that is strong and sturdy. Half-pint sidewalk superintendents will go ape for this boy-size,...

Picnic Table to Go
Put together this portable picnic table and then pack it away for your family trips. This children\'s picnic table would be a marvel if all it did was provide kids with an irresistible spot for drawing, playing games, and eating birthday cake. But...

Toy Log Cabin
Remember lincoln logs? Of course you do. Well, if you are waxing nostolgic, you can build your own set of logs and a project that can be used for a toy log cabin. This project is great for a child’s toy, a holiday decoration, or a decorative...

Game for School Holidays
As a school-goer I spent the whole term wishing for the holidays and yet, when they arrived I was normally so bored that I could not wait to get back to school and be with all my friends. I think most kids spend the holidays saying I am bored or...

Parking Garage Toy
My son actually made this project for the DIY Kids section, but having seen what is involved, I thought it would make a nice project for our DIY section - to make as a gift for a little boy, or for your son to play with during the coming holidays.

Teeter Totter
Woodworking plans for building a wooden teeter totter for the kids. This sturdy tetter board makes the small children happy both indoors and out. The material used was hardwood such as birch but pine will do almost as well. Band saw the various...

Simple Tree House
Instructions, material list and pictures to go along with each step of the building process. Like many fathers, I think a lot about what I can build or buy for the kids (and myself) to play on. I have always been fascinated by trees, tree...

DIY Skateboard Ramp
Rob is building a skateboard ramp to keep kids entertained for hours. A skateboard ramp is a project mum and dad can build on a weekend with lots of kid help too! The skateboard ramp is made from 17mm and 7mm plywood and 70mm x 35mm pine which is...

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