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Childs Chalkboard
Kids love chalkboards as it gives them a place to be creative, play school or to add and subtract. All children love to draw and doodle. Crayons and/or markers on paper are a great choice...but errors made with these materials can be difficult or...

This is a workstation, computer desk, or task desk that is made from 1 single sheet of 4 x 8 plywood. The final width is 32 inch and usually enough for a simple workstation. This is a terrific woodworking project for a school who is looking to...

Tree House
My sister and I thrived in our tree house as kids. We refused as the summer heat turned to crisp fall to not spend a night a outside despite the mosquitoes. My father only built the best and the Free Tree House Plan is pretty similar to what I...

Folding picnic table
Picnic table folds back into two separate bench seats. This folding picnic table and bench seat combination consists of two individual bench seats with backs that can be folded over and up to form a picnic table capable of seating four adults and...

Fort Playhouse
Keep the kids busy all summer by building a backyard fort that has peepholes, a hatch and a flag holder. A backyard fort is the perfect place to let kids’ imaginations run wild. They can create a magical world of knights and dragons or...

Dog House
Winter is almost upon us. Do not forget about your beloved family pet. There are days when it will be good to allow your family pet some time outside. It will help your dog, and you. This is also a woodworking plan that you can build with your...

Childrens Picnic Table
Everyone needs a picnic table in their back yard at some point. Most of us who have kids, and relatives with kids, also understand the need for a KIDS TABLE. It is like a rite of passage when a kid moves up to the grown up table. Even outdoors, we...

Backyard Horseshoe Court
So you wanna pitch shoes in your backyard with your kids or neighbor without constructing a professionally designed regulation court... Well, it is easy as planting two stakes in level ground. Measure off 40 feet and drive two 36 inch x 1 inch...

Childrens Play Structure
These are great plans for a children’s play structure. The plans call for some pretty substantial material. This is a quality playground that should last for years.

Kids Desk
Give your kids their own place to do their homework by building them a desk. This rugged and sturdy desk is great for kids or you can customize it into a larger desk.

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