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Backyard Sandbox
This is a pretty simple sandbox but will reap hours of sandbox fun! There is no doubt about it, kids love sand – digging, burying, sifting, pouring, shaping, smoothing, and shoveling! Building a sandbox is actually easy enough that the kids...

Childrens Play Structure
Building a childrens play structure in your yard is sure to bring your kids endless hours of fun. Get your own free plan for kids activity centre (Model BT-2008) as well as the the list of materials required for the project.

Easy to Build Sandbox
The plans for this sandbox are very simple, the box itself can be built in a morning. For backyard play equipment a sandbox is good place to start! Children can have hours of fun in a sandbox using their imaginations, building castles, towns or...

Nice Two Level Deck
Most people build a deck as an outdoor extension to their kitchen. Others design it around their pool, as a play area for the kids or as part of a complex landscaping component. Whatever its use, a deck adds to the value of your home and provides...

Fire Truck Play Area
This multi-purpose childrens fire truck is designed for the recreation room, basement or can even be set up outdoors. The front hood opens to be used as a toy storage chest, the kids can play inside the truck and, for indoor use, the top can be...

Outdoor Table For Kids
An outdoor table made to measure for our kids, what a great idea! Whether it is for birthday parties or family diners, your children will be happy to eat or to play around a place specifically designed for them. This table can also be used inside....

Garden Chair for Kids
All children enjoy having a chair their own size to sit on at parties, family gatherings, or when playing with friends. What is more, when it can be made to look and feel like their very own chair, they will be even more proud to sit there and...

Wooden Swim Raft
There is nothing finer than a swim raft to provide a manageable destination for the kids, a place for adults to soak up the sun, or to serve as a safe diving platform if your dockside water-depth does not permit head first entries. So when Cottage...

Kids Bunk Beds
Download these step by step plans for building your childs own bunk bed. A fun and fabulous, multipurpose, bedroom setting that any kid will love.

Cardboard Canoe for your Kids
This instructable shows how my friend Jared, my brother, and I built a cardboard canoe for his kids to play with in the swimming pool. We have attached the canoe design so that you can print it out and scale it to however big you want the canoe...

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