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Treasure chest for kids
Kids will love to build (and load up) this toy chest. Shiver me timbers! This project is great for any little pirates favourite treasures, and it is also an excellent way to bring a young woodworker into the shop for some practice. I chose...

Coat rack for kids
A fun project to build together with your children. Ask me for a good woodworking project to make with your kids and I will probably say: Stick a peg into a chunk of wood and you will have yourself a coat hook. I am only half kidding. This simple...

Pencil caddy for your kids
The beaver is a Canadian icon, largely because 19th-century Europeans took a fancy to beaver-pelt hats. Lucky for us-and the beaver-fashion is fickle and furry hats were replaced with other materials. The beaver finally attained official status as...

Speaker stand
The first few paycheques I earned after high school went toward the biggest, loudest set of speakers I could afford. The key features for me were size and volume-and the gigantic set I bought could shake window panes at half the volume. But 10...

Rocking horse for kids
This rocking horse is modern, easy-to-build and inexpensive. Your kids will love it! My assignment seemed simple: come up with a rocking horse that was modern, easy and inexpensive, yet still offered something new to make construction interesting....

Plywood Portable Kids Game
The object of Last Man Standing is to end up with only one marble remaining on the board. Playing against yourself, start by placing a marble at each hole on the grid, but leave the centre position unoccupied (and leave the marble wells empty). As...

Push and play noisemaker toy
I will warn you right up front: this push mower makes lots of noise, but it was fun to build and kids love it. That said, in my experience, noise is exactly what all kids like in a good plaything. As they push it across the floor, the noisemaker...

Simple CD Holder for Kids
Take a budding woodworker into the shop with you to make this simple CD holder. My formula for creating a kids woodworking project is to keep it simple and make it useful. A project that can be completed quickly while offering some reason to use...

Ultimate Tree House
This tree house is an assignment the whole family can join in. Good step by step instructions and tips, materials and tools list. With simple design that creates a good looking treehouse. Ft and Inch dimensions. For kids, building a tree house can...

Grow Up Kids Outdoor Furniture
Safe and sturdy for even the most rough and tumble kids, these table and chair combos add bold design and rugged construction to kid-friendly outdoor spaces. Repurpose them into plant stands and accent tables when the kids start sitting at the...

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