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Kid's Bed
Bed for a kids bedroom. Why have a kid sleep in a full-size bed when a kid's-sized bed will do the trick ever so comfortably and free up much needed bedroom space? These beds are for kids. They are not full size and will not accommodate adults....

Kids Furniture
Kids are not known for their neat work habits--neither are many adults, for that matter. But at least with kids, there's always hope that they can learn something better. Certainly the right desk can help. Our design provides sufficient work...

Bluebird house plans
This article describes how to create a bluebird house kit that is easy to produce and costs very little. You can use the kits as a youth project, or you can assemble them yourself and put them around your property if you are interested in...

Portable game for kids
All you and your junior woodworker need to build this captivating game is a few pieces of plywood, an hour of free time and a bag full of marbles. The object of Last Man Standing is to end up with only one marble remaining on the board. Playing...

Kid-Friendly Birdhouse
Build a perfect home for eastern bluebirds with some help from your own nest. If you've ever seen an eastern bluebird up close, you'll understand the attraction of building birdhouses for them. These delicate songbirds have striking blue feathers,...

Build-it-yourself boomerang
A fun and simple toy to build with your kids. Grab a chunk of randomly shaped 1/4"-thick plywood and throw it as hard as you can. It won’t travel more than 10 or 20 yards. But take that same plywood and give it a specific shape and...

Treasure chest for kids
Kids will love to build (and load up) this toy chest. Shiver me timbers! This project is great for any little pirate's favourite treasures, and it's also an excellent way to bring a young woodworker into the shop for some practice. I chose...

Portable kids puppet theatre
This puppet theatre for your kids is easy to make and take down, all in the name of fun. This easy-to-build puppet theatre should provide hours of imaginative play for the young kids in your life, and it tucks out of the way between dramatic...

Push and play noisemaker toy
This noise-making mower is sure to be a hit. I'll warn you right up front: this push mower makes lots of noise, but it was fun to build and kids love it. That said, in my experience, noise is exactly what all kids like in a good plaything. As they...

Coat rack for kids
Ask me for a good woodworking project to make with your kids and I'll probably say: “Stick a peg into a chunk of wood and you'll have yourself a coat hook. I'm only half kidding. This simple project is easy enough that most children can...

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