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Nine Planter Pot Stand
This project only takes about one day to build, but will last for years. This sturdy little stand will look great on your deck or patio. Designed for outdoor use with rot-resistant wood and rust-resistant fasteners.

Simple Hammock Stand
This project is very easy and inexpensive to make. Not alot of instuctions for this homemade stand but alot of discussion. We recently bought a portable hammock and we've enjoyed so much on our hiking and camping trips that I decided I wanted to...

Small Entertainment Center
Complete instructions on how to build a small entertainment center with room for DVD player and more. Perfect for drinks and magazines in the living room, or as a stand for a TV and video, this clean-lined, low table isn't hard to make, as Dave...

Outdoor folding table
Make your outdoor entertaining a little easier with this folding serving-tray table inspired by the experts of professional entertainment: caterers. Just like the equipment used by these hospitality professionals, this project includes both a...

Aquarium Stand
Free Aquarium Stand Plans

Fence Trellis
You built the fence yourself a few years ago (or more) and, because of your hard work and careful construction, it's standing the test of time: all the boards are intact and the posts haven't shifted at all. (Thank goodness you decided to dig down...

Rolling plant stand
This mobile platform allows to you move heavy plants with ease. Rearranging heavy and cumbersome potted plants is a chore I can do without; it's a back injury waiting to happen. For my indoor plants I bought an inexpensive rolling stand from a...

Basic Workbench
Even if youre a wizard with tools, you cant cut a straight line or plane a true edge without a solid surface to work on. A rickety table or wobbly counter cant securely support your work. And with power tools, a shaky surface is downright...

Umbrella stand
Full-length dimensions and a solid walnut frame make a practical dressing-room addition. The problem with umbrellas is that you often can't find one when it's raining. Put an end to that soggy situation by building this functional and attractive...

Bathroom Stand
Keep essential supplies in order with this easy-to-build bathroom stand. From towels to toiletries, the more storage, the better in any bathroom. It's the room that keeps you clean, so the least you can do is return the favour. Got other storage...

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