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Bird Feeder
Heres a large unique designed feeder thats a pleasure to look at -- PLUS -- it gives visiting lucky birds their choice of four seeds! If you're a lover of nature, you'd probably agree that the more species of birds you can get to visit a bird...

Bird House Table
This is the second type of bird table offered by Amateur Woodworker (the first one was in the previous issue). The advantage of this particular model is that you can easily put table scraps onto it, rather than the relatively expensive bird seed...

Book Caddy
A beautiful table-top book rack. Spices up any decor. The usual way to hold books on top of a shelf or cabinet is with bookends- but here is an alternate way that is attractive in its own right and also tilts the books upward so you can read the...

Elegant wooden Coffee Table
This simple-but-elegant piece contains several details that will challenge even advanced woodworkers. From long dovetail joints to legs shaped with a band saw, there are plenty of opportunities to take your skills to a higher level.

Small Occasional Table
Here\'s a nice, small-sized table that can be put to good use in many rooms, from bedrooms to living and family rooms. And its traditional yet clean-lined design will help it to go well with any decorating style.

Snack Bar and Stools
A stylish, all-purpose table that goes great with a pair of sturdy stools. This versatile table is perfect for schoolwork, small projects and board games.

Minimalistic Bedside Table
The Bedside Table is the perfect size for any bedroom, or it can be used in a living room as an end table.

Arts and Crafts Table Lamp
With its simple lines, this lamp is reminiscent of early 20th-century Prairie-style design, but beneath its seemingly straightforward lines lies a challenging project for advanced woodworkers that demands precision in cutting angles and making...

Table Hockey
Who hasn\'t played table hockey at one time or another? It\'s great fun, and you may have noticed how simple the \"rink\" really is. So why go out and buy a ready-made when you can make one yourself! With its small number of parts and simple...

Keepsake Box
Projects which have finger joints or box joints, have always intrigued me. I\'ve tried to make them previously using homemade jigs, but could never get them to consistently fit properly. My router table is based on The Oak Park/Router Workshop...

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