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Turned Four-Post Chair
Through much of the Middle Ages, chairs with arms and backs were regarded as prestigious items. While not restricted by sumptuary laws, the cost in time and/or money to own one made them a sign that the owner was a person of at least some...

Maple Armchair
To many woodworkers, building a set of chairs can be intimidating. There can be a lot of parts, angles that must be cut and fit, and when you are all done, they have to be both strong and comfortable to sit in. While this chair presents some...

Wing Chair
A colonial chair in maple makes a satisfying project, being easy to build and offering no great problem in upholstering. A chair of this type combines well with conventional two piece overstuffed living room suites and also makes an attractive...

Talorgen's Chair
Here's a high-backed chair that breaks down flat and has no pegs or wedges to keep up with. You can get two chairs out of a 4'x8' sheet of plywood.

Gelato Table
Open it up and be delighted by the colour. But this one is strictly for the kids. This cute little table with a chair at each corner, each with its own toy storage, packs away to form a neat cube. The set is made of MDF (medium density fibreboard)...

The Sunshade Sandbox
Sit back in your favorite easy chair. Close your eyes and recall those misty memories of childhood days gone by. Remember feeling the warm, soft sand beneath the soles of your feet...the coolness on your fingertips as you'd dig deeper and...

Garden or Deck Chair
The following are a couple simple wood plans for chairs that you might call Deck Chairs, Patio Chairs, or Garden Chairs. The first is from Lowes. The picture is linked to the free woodworking plan. You can print the plan and bring it into a...

Heirloom Cradle
A wooden canopy and turned rocking treadles make this cradle truly unique. There is something very comforting about a wooden cradle...its gentle back-and-forth movement can be almost as soothing to a parent as it is to a baby. Since we receive...

Fiona's Doll Adirondack Chair
An Adirondack Chair for 18 in. Dolls.

Doll High Chair
You can make a simple doll high chair that will delight your little one.

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