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Tall Birdwatching Stilt Chair
A free woodworking plan for a chair for Tall Birdwatching Stilt Chair stiltwalkers. Before notching, the inner and outer legs should be paired and assigned to be on either the right or left side of the chair. The notch on the inner pair is a...

Adirondack style garden chair
Adirondack chairs have become very popular in the past few years. The shape and angle of these chairs is somewhere between a normal garden chair and a slovenly deck chair. The result is a surprisingly comfortable chair that, unfortunately, costs...

Wooden Folding Camp Chair
These plans are based upon several designs used by scouts in our council. Some people call this a scissors chair. The chair is composed to two pieces: the seat and the back. The two pieces slip together and require no fasteners when used. When...

Chattahoochee Chair
Free Chattahoochee Chair PDF plan

Wooden Childs Rocker
Plans for a sturdy plywood chair that can be disassembled and stored flat. Kids are always in motion. It is not easy to get them even to sit down in a chair. But this rocker lets them work off energy while staying in one place. And rocking can be...

Childs Play Chair
This is one of my favorite plans, it is easily modified and the kids really enjoy the chair. I have made some modifications to the original plan.The cleats on the side are made from ripped 1X4. None of the cleat dimensions are critical. They are...

Concrete Chair
One of the good things about concrete furniture is that you can not move it. Once it is there, it is there. Nobody is going to walk away with it. One of the bad things about concrete furniture is that you can not move it. Once it is there, it is...

Garden Throne Chair
This garden throne is just as much a garden feature as something to sit on. In fact it is probably not the most comfortable chair to laze or slouch in but rather a sit up straight and proud, and run your eyes over your kingdom (or compost heap)...

Childs Desk and Chairs
One weekend and a single sheet of plywood is all that is required to make this compact Childs Desk and Chair Set! Every child deserves a desk of their very own to store and use their favorite coloring books, crayons, paints, paper -- and their...

Curved Back Arm Chair
Free plans for a mission style curved back arm chair. With the exception of the back-legs the stock bill which follows gives the thicknesses and widths exact. To the length, however, enough has been added to allow squaring up the ends.

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