Details for Strip built baidarka style sea kayak Plans


Strip built baidarka style sea kayak Plans

Date added:2011-09-08
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Strip built baidarka style sea kayak plansFree Strip built baidarka style sea kayak plans - Free plans for making a strip-built version of an Aleut baidarka. won\'t make any promises about this design. I have tried to be fairly faithful to the original design, just fairing it out here and there. But the information I had originally came from measurements of a boat that was badly damaged. The lines were taken by David Zimmerly and he did some fairing out in an effort to represent the lines of the original boat, which had to involve a certain amount of guess work. These drawings and offsets are one step farther removed, and as such may not be worth much. However, I think it is an interesting boat. It should be quite fast, track very straight, but you may find it very unstable. I suspect most people will want to scale the design slightly to serve their needs. I apologize for the sparseness of the information about the bow and stern shape, but what do you expect for nothing. Hopefully, I\'ve provide enough to get the more adventurous builders started.

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