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Trellis Top Gate Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Trellis Top Gate plansFree Trellis Top Gate plans - Build your own trellis top gate to match your trellis top fence using these detailed plans and instructions. Its sturdy, long lasting and looks beautiful. I built the fence and it came up beautiful. The key to the beautiful fence was using quality redwood materials. I also had to build a gate to match the fence. It was not difficult, but because the gate needed to match the fence, and at the same time it needed to be structurally strong, it took some planning and designing in order to come up with a beautiful product. The difference in building the gate and building the fence was in building the frame. Installing the trellis and the planks followed the same procedure as for the fence. So the key was in building a nice frame. I chose to make my gate a double swing gate because of the added width provided by two doors. It took me one day to build and install the gates. Here are my notes on how the frame was built.

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