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Simple DIY Recycling Center Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Simple DIY Recycling Center plansFree Simple DIY Recycling Center plans - It is easy to close the back door and pretend that the jumble of recycling bins and garbage cans outside does not exist ― but that only works when you are in the house. Building a short lean-to just big enough to hold everything solves the problem. The key to this design is a pressure-treated 2 by 4 ledger that is screwed to the house wall; additional 2 by 4s and 4 by 4 posts form the side walls and center divider. The rafters are also cut from 2 by 4s. Both the shelves and sheathing are ½-inch exterior plywood. Redwood siding and battens cap the sides; additional trim caps the rafters and roof edges. Build this handsome recycling center in a weekend.

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