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Arbor Arch Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Arbor Arch plansFree Arbor Arch plans - These arbor plans are provide by Lowe’s and are a stunning upgrade to a door that lacks a porch or covered entry. You will be surprised at how much the character of a home can change with a couple of projects. The arbor plans are completed in 8 steps. When I am working on a woodworking project, I prefer to break it into manageable pieces and this plan does just that. The plans call for pressure treated lumber. That is fine if you are going to paint the arbor. If you want a higher end look, and don’t want to have to paint your arbor, I would recommend using western red cedar or redwood. Both are great choices that don’t require a finish. The wood will weather to a classic gray. If you get tired of that look, you can power wash the wood to bring the color back out. Sealing the wood with an outdoor product will help retain the original rich color. It is a matter of preference. Good luck. This is a great project for any skill level.

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