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Ladder Ball Golf Game Plans

Date added:2011-09-08
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Ladder Ball Golf Game plansFree Ladder Ball Golf Game plans - Here is another project for our series of how to build toys. This one is a game, one that has recently become popular under many names. I think the most commonly accepted name is ladder ball, but I have seen it referred to as Norwegian Golf, bolo ball, bola ball, hillbilly horseshoes and many others. The game consists of throwing bolas (golf balls on a rope) at a ladder structure; see the Wikipedia page for more information about ladder ball. This is another project that is built almost entirely from pvc pipe, which I find to be incredibly easy to work with and inexpensive to purchase. The project is split into two parts; in the first part, we will build the ladder structure and in the second part, we will make the balls, or bola that are thrown at the ladder structure.

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