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Hand Turned Wooden Chess Pieces Plans

Date added:2011-09-08
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Hand Turned Wooden Chess Pieces plansFree Hand Turned Wooden Chess Pieces plans - How to build a hand turned wooden chess set. A little larger than most standard chess pieces,c this set is still a great fit for any chessboard with typical 2-inch squares. As any chess player knows, with the exception of the Knight, most chess pieces could be turned easily on a lathemaking a fantastic project for practicing your spindle turning techniques. Now, thanks to some pretty ingenious thinking, you can turn the entire set on the lathe, including the Knight! Our turned Knight was created by using an offset turning technique, much like the one used for turning cabriole legs for furniture. Start by choosing a couple of contrasting hardwoods to turn them from. Walnut & Maple, Pear & Wenge, Beech & Ebony, Holly & Cocobolo, the list is limitless. Due to heavy handling of chess pieces, unless you are planning to apply a hard cover coat such as polyurethane or varnish, closed grain woods are usually better than open grained woods. The more highly figured and striking the pieces look, the more they will be worth to your customers.

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