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Toy Doll Walker Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Toy Doll Walker plansFree Toy Doll Walker plans - This simple, easy-to-build walker for the little girls doll will provide many hours of enjoyment. She will have loads of fun parading around the house with that favorite doll. The walker may be built from any stock available as it is to be painted and decorated in bright colors and appropriate decals. Lay out the sides to full size from the squared pattern directly on the ¼ inch plywood. Band saw to shape. Cut the Seat, floor boards and back and assemble with nails and glue. Cut out the axle and fasten to bottom with wood screws and glue. Band Saw the wheels from ½ inch or have ¾ inch stock and sand the edges smooth. Fasten to the axle with round head wood screws. Use a washer on each side of the wheel for free turning. Drill a hole and glue in the length of dowel in the bottom for a stand. Cut the shaft and put in a cross dowel for a handle. Glue and nail in place. Paint in bright colors and decorate the sides with nursery decals.

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