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Easy to Build Sandbox Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Easy to Build Sandbox plansFree Easy to Build Sandbox plans - The plans for this sandbox are very simple, the box itself can be built in a morning. For backyard play equipment a sandbox is good place to start! Children can have hours of fun in a sandbox using their imaginations, building castles, towns or cites. The plans for this sandbox are very simple. The box itself can be built in a morning (except perhaps hauling in all the sand!) and is very inexpensive. The size of this one is good and the depth is quite adequate for digging. The bottom is left completely open which will insure any water drains out, and offers you the opportunity to dig out even more under the sandbox to allow even deeper digging (for the really deep excavating children!). I think the sand in the center of mine is about 2 ft deep and the kids almost never hit dirt! Also since I dug out the area, I was able to place the sandbox in the hole, this made the sides only about 6 inches above grade to allow for easy entry for the little ones.

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