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Play Tee Pee Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Play Tee Pee plansFree Play Tee Pee plans - I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! It Is hard to focus on Turkey, while I hAve Christmas and Holiday Shopping Building on the brain... the timing of this piece worked out in an interesting way, and I thought it might bring you a little closing to your turkey eating weekend..and help usher in our gift giving holiday season! Cut your Boards to the Outside and Largest Size as indicated by the dimensions below. Then cut the corners at a 54 Degree angle. You do NOt need to attach the boards to each other, the weight of them is simply there to help give this strength and stability since we will not be relying upon the tension from the tent. Then add your 1 1/2 INCH hole in 1 of the corners of each board except for the boards near the opening. One of those will have 2 holes. Cut your Drop cloth or Fabric to size. Each Triangular Panel will be roughly 61 INCH prior to hemming, so cut them in an alternating triangular pattern.

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