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Here There Anywhere Play Table Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Here There Anywhere Play Table plansFree Here There Anywhere Play Table plans - There is something about miniaturized furniture that is just so adorable. Rather than give you plans for a basic square table, which I am fairly certain many of you might be able to figure out on your own, I thought I might share Construction Plans for this fabulous table with splayed legs, inspired by, Land of Nods Here There Anywhere Table (allegedly). Build your frame. Use your pocket holes system to join the boards and place them on the rails (green) on the inside portion of each rail so they remain hidden. Set your system for 3/4 inch stock and use 1 1/4 inch Pocket Hole Screws and glue. If you are not using a Pocket Holes System, use 2 inch Screws from the outside of the Stiles (wood colored). You should also create the pocket holes for attaching the table top, while you are still at this stage, if you are using a Pocket Hole jig.

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