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Simple Wooden Chicken Coop Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Simple Wooden Chicken Coop plansFree Simple Wooden Chicken Coop plans - An A-frame chicken coop that can be moved around. Fresh are the best! And they taste even better when they\'ve been laid by happy chooks in your own backyard. This A-frame chicken coop can be moved about your yard quite easily and will keep your hens feeling clucky, safe and right at home. A chicken coop that can be lifted and moved around the garden is a great way to fertilise the yard while the chickens enjoy a feast of bugs, pests and weeds. The coop has everything that opens and shuts to lock away your chooks at night plus give you easy access to collect eggs. Chooks are great pets to keep around the home: they eat food scraps, produce fantastic natural fertiliser, keep pests down in your garden and lay eggs. Kids also love feeding them, hunting for their eggs and playing with them. This simple, moveable chicken coop is a great way to house your birds and is large enough to accommodate up to six full-sized chooks or eight bantams.

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