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Miniature Metal-Bound Chests Plans

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Miniature Metal-Bound Chests plansFree Miniature Metal-Bound Chests plans - Boys in shop class became very enthusiastic over the making of small chestlike boxes, bound with ornamental metal, and adapted them to a great variety of uses. The boxes were designed to suit the taste of the maker and for use as glove, handkerchief, jewelry, treasure, and other boxes.The boxes were lined with silk and finished in wax and varnish, in various stains. Oak was used for most of these, and the metals employed were largely copper and brass, although silver is suitable for small boxes.They are simple in construction, as shown in the working drawings, and can be made in the home workshop. The photograph reproduced shows a group of boxes, for various purposes, and in several styles of metal binding.The long box at the top is for gloves or ties; the larger ones are for boys' personal use, caring for collars, handkerchiefs, etc.; the smaller boxes are for the dresser, providing a place for jewelry and similar small articles. The boxes proved great favorites as gifts, and the monogram of the recipient may be etched into the metal.

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