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Garden Throne Chair Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Garden Throne Chair plansFree Garden Throne Chair plans - This garden throne is just as much a garden feature as something to sit on. In fact it is probably not the most comfortable chair to laze or slouch in but rather a sit up straight and proud, and run your eyes over your kingdom (or compost heap) chair. Regardless, it sure looks good in the garden! Commence cutting the frame pieces to the lengths given below. Note that the back legs and the side seat rails have one end cut 3 deg. off square. Refer to the cutting list and plans where necessary. First cut the two back legs [a] at 51 1/2 inch long overall, with one end (the bottom) of each leg 3 deg. off square. Then cut the two front legs at 29 inch long. Next, cut the front and back seat rails both 22 inch long. Cut the two side seat rails 17 inch long overall, with one end cut 3 deg. off square.

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