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Floor cabinet Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Floor cabinet plansFree Floor cabinet plans - A plywood box forms the heart of this project, while face features add style and grace. If there are kids in your life, you've probably eaten more than your fair share of fundraising chocolates, citrus fruit and cookie dough. But worse than the prospect of eating that tenth giant chocolate bar is the thought of selling it-and deliverance from that fate, along with raising money for a local nursery school, is why I built this project. Since building two projects is as easy as building one, I doubled the recipe and kept one for myself. My design incorporates three features that I like in a cabinet: all four sides are finished; all sides are solid-wood frame-and-panel assemblies; and a hand-carved detail graces the door and attracts the eye. Before getting started, note that the materials list includes measurements for all the project parts but only the inner box parts should be cut to the sizes listed. The other part sizes are estimated dimensions. Cut these parts to fit as they're built.

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