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Apothecary Cabinet Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Apothecary Cabinet plansFree Apothecary Cabinet plans - Have you ever wanted to build a nice apothecary cabinet? This apothecary cabinet plans is easy to follow and breaks the construction down into steps. I have seen finished projects that people tried to improvise and the finished product isn’t near the quality that you will obtain by following the free plans for this apothecary cabinet. The hardest part of a project like this is making sure that your tolerances are low. A nice fitting drawer is a must to be sure that the quality of this cabinet comes across. The plan dimensions are metric, so some conversion will be needed. Remember, 1 millimeter = 0.0394 inches. You will ned the following tools to build this apothecary cabinet plans: Router, Table saw or hand saw (table saw is ideal for the accuracy needed, Nail punch,Drill (with bits and countersink),Biscuit joiner. Good luck with this great project. It is a nice way to exercise your woodworking skills and accuracy.

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