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Solar Shed Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Solar Shed plansFree Solar Shed plans - Ron paid a visit to help the Logans replace the old shed with a new solar garden shed. Learn how to assemble a purchased kit for a garden shed with sloping roof windows. A dilapidated tin-roofed shed that grows Kudzu vines in concert with Virginia Creeper is targeted for replacement by do-it-yourselfers in Georgia. Emptying the old shed and disposing of its contents appropriately is the first task the homeowners face. It has accumulated an eclectic array of tools, storm windows and manure along with a dangerous find: gasoline in a sealed glass container. The owners plan to demolish the old shed, but salvage its poured concrete foundation. The new structure will be a solar garden shed that doubles as a greenhouse. Purchased from the home improvement store as a kit with materials and instructions included, all it lacks are the tools and labor. We supply both.

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