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Easy-to-Make DIY Boxes Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Easy-to-Make DIY Boxes plansFree Easy-to-Make DIY Boxes plans - Popular Mechanics is a service magazine covering a variety of information on home improvement, automotive needs, electronics, computers, telecommunications, outdoors, fitness and science and technology. Popular Mechanics also features product evaluations, practical applications, how-to information and news of technological developments.If you're looking for a way to flex your DIY muscles, then bust out the tools, because we've got the perfect winter woodworking project. It's possible to build a fun and versatile contemporary furniture system that consists almost entirely of stackable plywood cubes. The beauty of it is that the parts can be arranged in various configurations in minutes, adapting to your needs or sense of design. From these basic parts, we've been able to create shelving, a desk, a work table, a coffee table, a bed--and you can innovate just about any other form of furniture you need.

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