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Dock storage for water toys Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Dock storage for water toys plansFree Dock storage for water toys plans - Fill your bench up and your dockside will start looking a little less like a garage sale and a little more like the relaxing retreat it’s meant to be. Many of my projects are designed to store stuff neatly-and this one is no exception. Pool noodles (those ubiquitous foam tubes that multiply wherever there is water and kids) defy tidy storage. They are unruly, generally soggy and seemingly made to resist organization-until now. This basket bench has a design that is just the right length to fit a standard noodle, and a slatted bottom to allow water to drain and air to circulate. Guck doesn't gather in the corners, either, because there are none. But this project's not just for noodles: paddles, life jackets, skis and tow ropes are just some of the water-related stuff that find a welcome home here. To top it all off, this project is also a comfortable bench, perfect for pausing beside the pool or lake.

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