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Katana Bench Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Katana Bench plansFree Katana Bench plans - A desire to push limits brought me to making this piece. And I knew if those limits were to be pushed, I wanted to do it in a manner respectful to simplicity of form and versatility of function. I wanted to take the concept of a Windsor armchair and add some whimsy. I started by steam-bending the back splats of varying dimensions over the same form. I thought this could give me a vibrancy that a turned member might lack. It would also add the bird cage feel that I had become so attached to. Because of the difference of size, I knew that each would bend differently, but I had no real idea to what degree. Every time I got a blank out of the box and then off the form I knew I had to adapt to it while holding to my overall vision.

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