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Portable Camp Bed Plans

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Date added:2011-09-08
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Portable Camp Bed plansFree Portable Camp Bed plans - A portable camping bed that dissassembles easily for storage or transport to the your hunting cabin or campsite. Would also be great as a spare bed for overnight guests. After trying different types of sleeping arrangements at events, I have decided that the slat bed is the way to go. My first exposure to a camping bed in the SCA was a rope bed. I tried someone elses bed then I built my own. First using a straw tick, then a feather mattress, then simple 4-inch foam padding. None were very comfortable after the first night. The ropes would stretch and would be very difficult (not to mention a hassle) to tighten, which needed to be done each time I slept on it, so I decided on a slat bed.

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Robert Brown says:
Nice, but what did you uses to support the bed slats?